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Adjunct Professor of Art

Intro. to 2D Design, Union County College (Fall 2018)

I'd like to thank my students...

for a wonderful semester. I consider it an honor to have been your teacher.  I'm exceedingly grateful for all your hard work and creativity. I'd also like to thank you for granting me permission to display your artwork on my website.  I'm very proud of you and wish you best of luck in all your endeavors. 

Project Descriptions:​
1. Logo Design (Vector Art using pen tool in Illustrator)
2. Logo Design applied to Promotional Items (Photoshop)
3. Travel Poster (Created using shape tool, marquee tool, and lasso tool in Photoshop)
4. Four alternative Hue/Saturation Variations of the Travel Poster (Photoshop)
5. Applying Texture to typography using masking (Photoshop)
6. Applying a Neon Effect to typography in Photoshop
7. Creating text on a Path in Photoshop
8. Design an original Pattern (Adobe Illustrator )
Final Projects:
9. Personal Project, original Artwork or Self-Portrait (Using Illustrator or Photoshop)
10. Black & White version of Personal Project (Photoshop)
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