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                                                   Pratt Institute, 3D Modeling I Fall 2019

                Project1: Building In Which the Arts are Celebrated, Project 2: Vehicle Modeling,

                 Midterm: Collector's Dream, Final Project - Futuristic Cities

Futuristic Cities - Final Renders
Longna Liu
Annie He
Mingfay Ma
Amber Biu
Jarrad Ashman
Rachel Ko
Lauryn Reynolds
Milica Djuric
Sude Kurban

Message to my students:

I'd like to thank my students for a wonderful semester. I consider it an honor to have been your instructor.  I'm exceedingly grateful for all your hard work and creativity. I'd also like to thank you for granting me permission to display your artwork on my website.  I'm very proud of you and wish you best of luck in all your endeavors. I look forward to teaching 3D Modeling II and seeing your future creations.
All projects consist of research, concept development, planning and excellent execution.


Project 1:
I've encountered people in my life who simply don't understand the value of art to modern society.  It isn't enough to explain that art and design are all around them in the clothes they wear, the furniture they use, the cars they drive, the architecture in which they live, play and work - in the products that they use and every form of entertainment that serves as a source of joy or a form of distraction. Art is literally everywhere and in everything.  Our first project will be the creation of a building in which the arts are celebrated, heralded - a monument to the infinite value of art as a reflection of the human soul.  

Model an art museum or performance location in which creativity and artistry are celebrated such as the Guggenheim or the Sydney Opera House. Your source of inspiration can be a specific architect, architectural style, or a particular building whose structure has a powerful visceral or intellectual impact on you as an artist.

Project 2:

Students will model a vehicle of their choosing.  It can be a car, plane, train or other form of transportation.

The emphasis for this project will be accurate replication using a set of blueprints (front, back, top and side) as well as photographic reference. Topology and edge flow will be of great importance in the successful development of our models.


The Collector's Dream. What if a Collector could transport all of their favorite architecture into a single location.
A collection of architectural styles from various time periods; inspired by the painting, The Architect's Dream, by Thomas Cole.

About the painting:
Cole created The Architect's Dream for prominent New York architect, Ithiel Town, who commissioned a landscape from the artist in 1839.  Cole was, in his own words, "something of an architect," and provided the plans for the Ohio State Capitol, and also for St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Catskill after an earlier building burned down in 1839. Cole's friend William Cullen Bryant described The Architect's Dream as "an assemblage of structures, Egyptian, Gothic, Grecian, Moorish, such as might present itself to the imagination of one who had fallen asleep after reading a work on the different styles of architecture." 1  Cole finished The Architect's Dream in only five weeks, exhibiting it in the 1840 National Academy of Design annual exhibition.

Final: "Futuristic City"
Every world needs carefully-crafted environments for characters to roam. Whether these are harsh wilderness terrains or busy city streets, the environment artist is tasked with designing the look and feel of these areas. In this project, we will research, design and construct a futuristic city. How far into the future is up to you. Are we on this planet or an alien one?

In this project, the conveyance overall aesthetic vision

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