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Adjunct Professor of Art

3D Modeling & Character Design (Illustration Dept.) New Jersey City University, Spring 2017

3D Modeling: Character Design in Zbrush

Course Description


This course is designed to explore the complete spectrum of skills needed to successfully bring 2D illustrated character(s) to life as 3D models.  The class will cover the research, concept design and refinement necessary to sculpt dynamic characters ranging from cartoonish to hyper realistic. Figure drawing, expression, costume and culture will be an integral part of initial development and the subsequent creation of digital maquettes that will further enhance the traditional two dimensional aspects of the character development. Students will create high quality Computer Generated figures that can be utilized in other 3D programs and ultimately customized into games, animations, portfolios, or 3D prints.

3D Modeling: Character Design, Class List


Christopher Alarcon

Mirei Amiya

Donnie Anderson

Fred Benitez

Bridget Bradley

Morgan Buckley

Karon Clerk

Pedro Fresse

Veronica Gonzalez

Katherine Harris

Zafiro Hernandez

Marcos Miranda

Graciela Rivera

Ronald Wise

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